ESD Constant Monitors

An ESD workstation monitor continuously monitors the esd wrist strap and/or esd worksurface, providing immediate results and eliminating time spent testing wrist straps. At Correct Products, you will find a wide selection of both single wire (impedance) and dual wire (resistance) style of continuous esd monitoring system. ...

Why is an esd wrist strap monitor an important tool in static control?

A continuous esd monitoring system provides instant feedback on the status of a wrist strap or static control worksurface. If a failure occurs the monitor will immediately issue a visual and audible alarm alerting the operator of the failure. An esd constant workstation monitor will also identify intermittent split-second failures, such as an over-flexed coil cord. Periodic testing using an ESD wrist strap tester will be unable to provide notification of such intermittent split-second failures. Finally, a constant monitor eliminates the need for testing and logging results before every shift, thus reducing production costs and saving time.

We supply esd constant monitors in both single wire and dual wire configurations. A single wire or impedance style of esd wrist strap monitor works with economical standard single-wire wrist straps and coil cords. A dual-wire continuous workstation monitor is suitable for more critical applications and observes the resistance of the loop between the wire, person, wrist band and second wire. So, even if one dual-wire wrist strap conductor is severed, the operator will still have a reliable path to ground. Resistance style esd continuous monitors require the use of more expensive dual-wire wrist straps and coil cords.

We supply a wide range of continuous monitors from top brands including SCS, Desco, Transforming Technologies, Botron and Static Solutions. Constant monitors are available in many configurations such as single user, two-user and also the ability to monitor an esd worksurface. Monitors can be installed on the esd mat, bench or under the bench. Browse our selection today!

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