Rigid ESD Mats

At Correct Products, we supply a huge selection of ESD table mats. One of the most popular selections for demanding applications is our durable rigid ESD table mat. Rigid hard surface mats are made from fiber reinforced polyester and provide excellent resistance to abrasion, chemicals, flux and hot solder. ...

Do you have a demanding environment that requires a heavy duty ESD mat? Working with chemicals or hot solder? How about cutting or do you have a product with sharp edges that will slice a standard Rubber ESD Mat of Vinyl ESD Mat? Our rigid ESD mats feature permanent ESD properties that ensure the safe transfer of electrostatic discharge away from sensitive microprocessors, assemblies, circuit boards, and other electronic components. The fiber component provides strength and dimensional stability, while the thermoset resin provides specific chemical, electrical, and thermal properties. Hard surface rigid ESD mats can also withstand cutting and sharp edges.

Our standard ESD rigid mats feature rounded corners and come with a grounding snap and 15’ common point grounding cord. These ESD mats are a light gray color and 0.60” thick. We can supply these rigid mats in a variety of sizes, ensuring the perfect fit for your application. We can supply custom sizes and even special shapes! Rigid ESD mats meet or exceed ANSI/ESD standards for ESD protection.

Are you a fan of our heavy duty ESD rigid mats? If so, don’t forget to check out our selection of ESD tote boxes and ESD trays made from the same durable reinforced polyester material.

At Correct Products, we specialize in ESD products that protect static sensitive devices from harmful electrostatic discharge. Our selection of ESD table mats are available in a wide range of materials, sizes and colors. We welcome bulk orders and custom projects. Buy online or get a quote today!

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