Static Shielding Film & Tubing

Correct Products stocks a wide selection of Static Shielding Tubing and Static Shielding Roll Stock. Static shielding film provides Faraday Cage protection creating an ESD safe environment for shipping and storing sensitive electronic components and devices. Static shielding tubing and roll stock sheeting can be used to create custom-sized bags and is ideally used where varying product sizes necessitate flexible packaging solutions. ...

Static Shielding tubing is a great way to create your own custom fit bags, simply cut the material as needed at the appropriate length and seal with an a impulse bag sealer. This provides an opportunity to utilize one size of tubing for a variety of products with different lengths. We maintain stock sizes of static shielding tubing, but can also manufacture custom widths. Static shielding roll stock sheeting is ideal for making large custom bags, shrouds or covers. We stock static shielding roll stock in 48” x 200 yd rolls, available for immediate shipment. We also provide static shielding cleanroom film that is certified to IEST-STD-CC1246C Level 100. This shielding film address concerns for surface particulate in cleanroom applications.

Static shielding film features a buried metalized layer that provides a Faraday cage effect shielding electronic devices from ESD and electrostatic fields. Used for protecting ESD sensitive devices such as IC’s and PCB’s during shipping and transport. Static shielding films are partially transparent or semi-transparent, allowing for visual inspection of the packaged contents without removing them from the protective packaging.

Custom Static Shielding Tubing Orders Welcome
We supply stock sizes that are available for immediate shipment, but if you’re looking for a custom size we can provide that too. We can provide shielding tubing in custom widths, but can also convert the roll stock into sheets, shrouds and covers.

At Correct Products we have been supplying ESD protective packaging products since 1983. We supply a huge selection of ESD flexible packaging products including static shielding tubing, sheeting, shielding bags, covers and much more! If you don’t see the option you need on our website, please call us at 800-870-1199 or contact us.

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