ESD Floor Mats & Rolls

Improve ESD protection at your workstation with an esd floor mat, anti static floor mat or floor mat roll. At Correct Products, we supply a large selection of ESD floor mats available in a wide variety of colors, styles and materials. ...

Why use an esd floor mat or esd floor mat roll?

An anti static floor mat, conductive floor mat or static dissipative floor mat is designed to quickly dissipate static charges. Generally, an esd floor mat is ideal when the use of an anti-static wrist strap impedes worker production. In this case, an anti static floor mat used in conjunction with ESD heel straps effectively grounds a mobile worker.

We supply a range of ESD safe floor mats and floor mat rolls. For sensitive areas and a superior static dissipation rate, check out our selection of conductive floor mats. Conductive floor mats are black in color and feature a low surface resistance which provides a quick path to ground for static charges. Additional floor mats are available with electrical properties including anti static and static dissipative.

Our selection of esd floor mats are available in a wide variety of sizes. Order pre-cut mats available in select sizes or order full rolls and cut in house to your individual preferences. Most of the ESD floor mats can be trimmed easily with a sharp box cutter and straight edge. A selection of colors and styles are available as well. We are sure to have a style suitable to your application including industrial looking diamond plate, smooth, pebble embossed or ribbed surfaces.

At Correct Products, we have been supplying ESD products since 1983 and you will find a complete selection of ESD flooring products. If you are looking to add cushioning and comfort for employees standing for long hours – be sure to check out our selection of ESD anti-fatigue floor mats. Don’t forget, each floor mat must be properly grounded. We offer a full selection of floor mat ground cords and esd grounding hardware for all your needs. Contact us today for more information on our ESD floor mats and floor mat rolls.

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