Silver Saver Bags

Silver Saver Bags are uniquely formulated to prevent tarnish and corrosion of silver metals. These silver protection bags are designed for use in the storage and shipping of electrical components, wire, aerospace and automotive components. ...

Silver Saver bags stop tarnish and are the worldwide standard in protecting silver from tarnish. This VCI paper protects silver and other metals without leaving any residue. The material is non-toxic, safe and easy to use. These silver protection bags or anti-tarnish bags are sulfur-free and will not affect solder, conductivity or surface resistivity. The 40 lb/65 gsm bleached kraft coated product protects silver, gold and other noble metals from tarnish by absorbing hydrogen sulfide and other elements in the environment. Silver Saver is a quality product that helps protect your precious metals for up to 2 years. We supply silver saver bags in various stock sizes sold by the case, as well as roll stock which can be used to wrap products or make custom sized bags. We specialize in custom so please give us a call with your requirements. We can manufacture custom size bags, special size rolls or sheets cut to size.

At Correct Products, we supply a complete line of VCI products from commercial Silver Saver Bags to military spec VCI products. Our volatile corrosion inhibitor paper and films are engineered to safely prevent corrosion and protect metals. We supply these VCI products in roll stock sheeting, bags as well as cut to size sheets. For military spec applications, VCI paper is available that meets MIL-PRF-3420, Class III, Style A and MIL-PRF-3420, Class II, Style A. Don’t forget to ask about Alumitex, which offers protection of aluminum, galvanized steel and lead alloys or Coppertex which protects copper from corrosion and tarnish. Please contact us today for more information on Silver Saver and VCI inhibitor bags and film.

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