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Correct Products offers a wide range of unique ESD products that aid in the production and assembly of products sensitive to static charges. Having specialized in ESD since 1983, we have an ESD accessory for just about every application or can make one custom to fit your needs! ...

Keeping your ESD workstation free from static generating insulative products can be a challenge. At Correct Products, you will find a variety of ESD products that can help. ESD document control products such as ESD binders, ESD paper, shop travelers and clipboards can help eliminate dangerous charge generating items. In addition, you can replace high charging plastic items with ESD safe products such as ESD trash cans, ESD trash liners, storage cabinets and ESD plastic bottles.

Need to organize and clean your ESD workstation, check out our topical antistat sprays and anti static mat cleaners. These items will improve the cleanliness of your work area while also improving ESD performance. Utilize ESD signs and posters to increase awareness so that visitors and employees know they are entering an ESDS environment.

Bundling, packaging or shipping ESD sensitive items? We have a range of ESD tapes and labels available for your shipping or production needs. From Kapton tape to conductive grid tape, we are sure to have the product you are looking for. And don’t forget to check out our popular ESD hook and loop straps which are ideal for bundling trays tubes and cables.

At Correct Products, we can also provide production accessories including ESD brushes, swabs and wipers. These production assembly items improve cleanliness and throughput while providing an ESD safe alternative to standard products.

Please contact us if you cannot find what you are looking for, we're here to help. We carry all the top brands such as SCS, ACL Staticide, Botron, Fancort, Desco, Static Solutions, Transforming Technologies and many more!

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