ESD Static Locators

At Correct Products, we supply a wide selection of ESD test and measurement equipment including Electrostatic Field Meters and Digital Static Locators. These handheld ESD field meters can quickly detect and measure electrostatic charge accumulation on surfaces. Static Locators and ESD Static Field Meters are ideal for use as an audit and static survey tool in electronics manufacturing environments. ...

Electrostatic fields are created by electric charges and exist even when there is no current flowing. They can be found around objects that are electrically charged, such as insulators, conductors, or even living organisms. Electrostatic field meters are commonly used in various industries and research fields, including electronics assembly and industrial manufacturing operations.

These ESD meters typically work by using probes or sensors to detect the electric field strength and display the measurements in units such as volts per meter (V/m) or kilovolts per meter (kV/m). Some models are “chopper stabilized” which means they will yield accurate results in both normal and in environments where ESD ionizers are used. Wondering if your anti-static bags are still good or if your Styrofoam cup is generating a charge? This is the ESD tool that will give you the results you are looking for! Simply point your ESD static field meter towards the item in question, get within range of the LED light, hold the button and the measurements will be displayed. Static sensors are ideal for mitigating ESD risks and removing harmful static generating items from ESD sensitive work areas.

Overall, static sensors play a crucial role in electronics manufacturing by helping to maintain a static-safe environment, ensuring product quality, compliance with regulations, and protecting both electronic components and personnel from the harmful effects of electrostatic discharge.

We sell ESD products and static control equipment to manufacturing companies in the aerospace, defense, electronics, automotive and many other industries requiring ESD protection. We welcome bulk orders and quote requests. Buy online or get a price quote today!

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