Anti-Static Stretch Wrap

Since 1983 Correct Products has been a leading supplier of ESD packaging products. One of our most popular products is our Pink Anti-Static Stretch Wrap. Anti-static Stretch Wrap is used to safely protect electronic equipment, flammable products, chemicals, telecommunications equipment and much more! We supply anti-static stretch film in convenient narrow width Handwrap bundling style, as well as machine length stretch wrap suitable for stretch wrapping machines. ...

Pink Anti-Static Strech Wrap is a specialized stretch film designed to transport products sensitive to electrostatic discharge. The anti-static properties of this film prevent buildup of dangerous static charges on the surface of the film and items being wrapped. Standard clear stretch film will produce static and increase the possibility of harmful static discharge. The antistatic properties of the film also help minimize the attraction of dust and particulate keeping your products clean. ESD safe stretch film provides excellent physical protection and will secure and stabilize your pallet loads. Wrapping products tightly around a pallet will prevent shifting, tipping and damage during transportation.

Our ESD safe stretch wrap clings to itself without tapes or straps and provides superior puncture resistance. The unique pink color alerts customers that static sensitive equipment is being transported. Our most popular stretch wrap product is our Anti-Static Bundling Film. This narrow width 3” stretch film is ideal for wrapping and bundling individual items. It helps secure loose items and bundles smaller items together to restrict movement during transportation. Our Machine Length Anti-Static Stretch Film was designed to be used with automated stretch wrapping equipment. Pink Antistatic Machine length stretch film is available in 17” and 20” widths and in 80 gauge. These longer length rolls allow the stretch wrap to be automatically dispensed by stretch wrapping machines. Thicker and more durable, machine length stretch can withstand the higher tensions and speed of stretch wrapping machines. Our anti-static stretch wrap is supplied in case quantities and stocked for immediate shipment.

We sell ESD packaging and shipping products to manufacturing companies in the aerospace, defense, electronics, automotive and many other industries requiring ESD protection. We welcome bulk orders and quantities. Buy online or get a quote today!

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