ESD Small Parts Packaging & Storage

Correct Products provides a huge selection of ESD packaging and storage solutions for small parts and components. Specialists in ESD packaging since 1983, we can help you find the right solution to protect your small components from both physical damage and electrostatic discharge....

At Correct Products, we supply the largest selection of packaging and storage solutions for small parts. Whether you are looking for Corstat IC boxes for shipping or small hinged conductive containers for storage, we’ve got you covered.

Our selection of small parts ESD shipping boxes include Corstat IC shippers which feature a black conductive foam base and a cushioning pink anti-static foam in the lid. These are our most popular ESD shippers for small parts. They provide both shielding and physical protection for small components and assemblies. IC shippers are in stock for immediate delivery! Looking for a conductive plastic box for shipping? Look no further, Correct Products offers a huge selection of conductive plastic boxes and ESD hinged containers. Choose from the popular Pillowstat shippers which feature conductive memory foam or our standard conductive hinged cases without foam. We specialize in custom and can help you design a custom insert, whether it be a die cut ESD foam insert or thermoformed plastic insert. Don’t forget to check out Corstat Foldpak shippers. These shippers, manufactured with Corstat shielding corrugated, provide good physical protection at an economical price.

For ESD safe storage of small parts and components, check out our round ESD containers and polyvials. ESD round containers are ideal for kitting and static safe storage. We supply round containers in both black conductive and blue static dissipative. SMD mini parts storage cases are also ideal for kitting and storage. These unique boxes feature a spring activated hinged lid and can be connected to create your own customizable storage kitting tray. Check out our ESD Cabinets section for more storage ideas!

Please feel free to give us a call if you have a custom application, that is our specialty! We can provide custom anti-static foam inserts for ESD hinged boxes, custom size anti-static boxes and more.

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