Conductive PillowStat Boxes

At Correct Products, we provide ESD protective packaging products that can safely store and transport sensitive electronic components. Conductive Pillowstat boxes are an ideal solution for static safe shipping and storage. Pillowstat shippers feature super-soft conductive memory foam which encapsulates the component in a “pillow” of foam and protects against vibration and shock. These plastic shipping boxes come in various stock sizes and are sold by the case. Pillowstat boxes are perfect for fragile high value components such as ball grid arrays, wafers, and components with fine pitched leads. ...

Conductive Plastic Hinged Box
The Pillowstat shipper features a durable conductive hinged box. These injection-molded conductive plastic boxes feature super-strong hinges and latches with tongue & groove closure. Competitive brand hinges can break easily during shipment, these extra strong hinges will hold up to extreme shipping cycles. Stronger and thicker walls enhance the durability of this hinged container.

Pillowstat Memory Foam
Each conductive hinged container features a top and bottom layer of soft conductive memory foam. High grade conductive memory foam is excellent for applications that require a non-shedding, clean foam. The cushioning is extra soft and conforms around the product. In many instances, this can replace the need for a custom die cut foam insert or thermoformed tray.

Pillowstat boxes ship completely assembled with memory foam inserted and an ESD safe label attached. This design competes very favorably with the "sticky gel" products on price and has better ESD properties. The "sticky gel" can be insulative. Foam is conductive and will not generate a charge.

Bulk Pillowstat Box Orders Welcome
At Correct Products we have been supplying ESD protective products since 1983. We have a huge selection of ESD boxes and can also design custom inserts with a combination of materials such as conductive foam, anti-static foam and thermoformed ESD plastic. If you don’t see the option you need on our website, please call us at 800-870-1199 or contact us.

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