Magnifiers & Task Lighting

Correct Products supplies a variety of LED magnifiers and task lighting options for detailed projects. LED lamps and illuminated magnifiers help anyone who is needing extra scope or lighting for precision assembly, inspection, or design. Our lighting selection features products used by industrial assembly workers, as well as hobbyists who do activities such as stitching, fly tying and doctors’ offices to name a few. ...

When used for precision assembly work, LED magnifiers provide clarity and illumination for inspecting soldered joints, welds, and any other mechanical stress areas. They also help with the fine details of assembly that can cause stress on the naked eye. If you are working on static sensitive items, check out our ESD safe magnifiers.

Hobbyists also love our selection of LED lighting products as it helps with bringing fine details into vision. The extra lighting and magnification is beneficial especially in the beading and stitching crafts. Correct Products carries portable magnifiers and task lighting equipment which is great for hobbyist on the go.

Many doctors’ offices use LED lighting equipment to help closely inspect areas such as skin conditions where certain areas may need to be enlarged for close-up viewing. The adjustable arms and adjustable levels of brightness is a feature that is especially helpful.

Our illuminated magnifying products ship preassembled. The bases for clamp base and floor stand models require some light assembly. Easy to use, simply turn on the light and pull the head towards you. Then put the object you are viewing under the lens. There are several options for the type of light you are looking for such as LED, Daylight Glow and various levels of brightness. Magnifiers and LED task lighting help not only enlarge and brighten your workspace but reduce eye fatigue allowing for better quality work areas and output.

Don’t forget to check out our precision cutters and pliers for fine detail work! Give us a call today, we look forward to working with you!

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