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SCS is a leading producer and supplier of static-control and electrostatic discharge (ESD)-safe items. SCS supplies static-control solutions for numerous industries, including high tech electronics, laboratories, semiconductor, aerospace and more. ...

SCS controls its supply chain and holds ultimate authority over its North Carolina manufacturing facility, allowing it to manufacture several unique products and static shielding solutions with the utmost in quality control.

Today, SCS pursues innovation with its diverse selection of static-control products and newly emerging static-control technologies. This innovation, combined with the production of the company’s original, top-of-the-line static-control products, firmly positions SCS as an industry leader in ESD control products. From wrist straps and heel grounders to ESD shielding bags and ESD table mats, SCS products are a must-have for your manufacturing floor.

Correct Products is an authorized stocking distributor of SCS products and ESD equipment. We are pleased to offer an assortment of SCS products online, our SCS product selection includes:

SCS Anti-Static Wrist Straps. SCS ESD wrist straps provide a reliable path to ground to avoid ESD events. SCS wrist straps are available in thermoplastic adjustable and metal, and both with and without a coil cord.

SCS Foot Grounders. SCS manufactures both heel and toe grounders for static control in sensitive lab or electronics manufacturing environments. SCS heel grounders are available in a variety of colors, sizes and styles.

SCS Static Locating Equipment. SCS provides instruments to determine electrostatic charge buildup on objects and surfaces. These instruments feature an easy-read LCD and output feed for continuous measurement, SCS static sensors can be used in conjunction with air ionizers to ensure efficacy.

SCS Air Ionizers. SCS offers overhead, desktop, benchtop, and mini air ionizers, all built to equalize the positive and negative ions in the work environment. Also, air ionizing guns allow a more directed stream of ionized air for targeted applications.

SCS ESD Floor Mat Rolls and Floor Mat Kits. These ESD floor runners and mat kits provide a reliable path to ground as a part of an ESD flooring system. Available in a wide range of colors and sizes, you can choose your ESD flooring system to suit your specifications.

SCS ESD Table Mat Rolls and Table Mat Kits. SCS ESD table mats are available in vinyl or nitrile rubber and provide an optimal path to ground. Whether you need an appropriately sized mat or prefer to utilize a roll of matting, SCS has several width and length options available.

SCS Static Shielding Bags SCS’s most popular product line, their huge selection of static shielding bags are available for immediate shipment. Choose from both zip-top and open top.

SCS Conductive Film. SCS conductive film offers premium static shielding for your shipping and storage needs. Constructed of opaque, carbon-impregnated polyolefin, this film is ideal for lining shipping tubes or storage boxes used for sensitive electronic components.

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