ESD Table Mats & Rolls

Whether you are looking for an ESD table mat to handle hot solder and solvents or a portable ESD mat for field service, Correct Products can provide the right static control mat to fit your application. ESD table mats are available in ESD nitrile rubber which provide resistance to solder and solvents, ESD vinyl for general assembly and ESD hard rigid mats which provide excellent resistance to cutting, abrasion and solvents. ...

In addition, we also provide Cleanroom ESD mats for critical environments such as laboratories, semiconductor, medical device manufacturing, pharmaceuticals and more! These white ESD safe cleanroom mats are silicone free, low outgassing and low VOC. White in color, these cleanroom esd table mats are reversible, white on both sides.

We can provide ESD table mats and rolls in a variety of custom sizes and colors including custom cut widths and lengths to match your unique ESD workstation requirements. Even our rigid ESD mats are available in custom sizes!

Don’t forget to check out our ESD field service kits and accessories for service technicians. ESD Field service kits provide your remote technicians the same static protected working environment enjoyed by workers in a manufacturing facility.

For ESD safe storage shelves or mobile carts, check out our selection of ESD Shelf Liners and conductive corrugated sheets. ESD corrugated sheets and conductive shelf liners are ideal of lining open wire shelves, Metro Wire Carts and storage racks. Add a grounding snap and cord to ESD chipboard mats and you will be equipped with the ultimate disposable ESD table mat.

All of our anti-static table mats are available in pre-cut mat kits with grounding snaps and ESD ground cords as well as full length rolls. Choose from top brands such as SCS, Static Solutions, Botron, ACL Staticide, Transforming Technologies, Protektive Pak and CCI. Need a custom size or configuration, give us a call – we specialize in custom and would be happy to cut the mats to your exact specifications.

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