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Warehouse Supplies

Correct Products supplies a wide range of warehouse supplies. Some of these items include stretch wrap, shrink film and strapping products to aid in the secure packaging of pallets and heavy freight shipments. ...

Our stretch film selection includes industry standards such as cast wrap and blown stretch wrap. Cast stretch wrap is extremely clear and produces the highest levels of clarity. This clarity helps with identification ease when large quantities are in a shipment. Blown film is less clear and is generally used when barcode scanners are adhered to pallets for sorting of inventory.

We also maintain a large inventory of specialty stretch films such as colored film. Colored stretch film is used to provide easy identification, product coding, and dating. Vented pallet stretch wrap is available to prolong the shelf life of fresh produce by allowing it to breathe while in storage and transit. And VCI stretch film; to protect against corrosion.

For shrink packaging applications, we can provide material in rolls, tubing and bags. We also carry shrink wrap equipment such as I-Bar Sealers and Heat Guns with various settings to meet your industrial needs.

To further secure your pallet shipping, we offer a variety of strapping materials such as steel strapping, poly strapping, twine and rope, and pallet bands. We have a line of strapping tools to go with this line as well.

In addition to the many packaging items we provide, we also stock thousands of products that will help your shipping and storeroom area stay organized, safe and clean. Check out our extensive supply of identification products available for both labeling products, as well as racks and shelves. Our selection includes manila tags, rack labels, cardholders and job ticket holders. Rack labels are available in many styles and sizes such as magnetic strips, stick on envelopes and c-channel cardholders. Our warehouse supplies are available from all the top brands, please let us know how we can help today!

1058 Products

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Select up to 4 items to compare.