Static Shielding Cushion Pouches

At Correct Products, we supply a wide variety of ESD safe cushion pouches. Our most popular product in this category is the Static Shielding Cushion Pouch. Static shielding cushion pouches protect sensitive electronics from electrostatic discharge and physical damage during packaging, storage and shipping. The multi-layer construction features a metallized outer layer which provides Faraday Cage protection and bubble cushioning for physical protection. These durable and reusable ESD pouches are available in a wide variety of sizes and custom configurations. ...

Static Shielding Zip Closure Cushion Pouches
These multi-layer heavy-duty pouches feature a double-track zipper to keep items secure and provide maximum ESD protection. Reusable for multiple packaging cycles, the combination of bubble with layers of static safe film cushions items against impacts, drops and vibrations.

MIL-DTL-81997 Type I Static Shielding Cushion Pouches
These military cushion pouches feature 2-layers, anti-static bubble meeting PPP-C-795 and an outer layer of shielding that meets MIL-PRF-81705E Type III. These pouches provide cushioning protection from shock and vibration and meet military standard MIL-DTL-81997 Type I.

Shielding Cushion Pouches with Open Top Flap Closure
Cushion pouches with flap closure are available in multi-layer construction. The convenient fold-over flaps can be sealed with a re-usable ESD label or ESD tape. Ideal for use as a traveler around the plant, for use in divider tote boxes or as a shipping pouch.

Bulk and Custom Static Shielding Cushion Pouch Orders Welcome
We supply stock sizes that are available for immediate shipment, but if you’re looking for a custom size or style we can provide that too. Custom options include slide-rite zippers, which enable easy closing and opening – even with gloves! We can also add ESD safe pockets to the front of the pouch for paperwork or work in process instructions. Custom sizes are also available to meet your specific requirements. If you don’t see the option you need on our website, please call us at 800-870-1199 or contact us.

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