Flexible ESD Mats & Rolls

At Correct Products, we supply a huge selection of ESD table mats and ESD table mat rolls. Choose from a wide range of sizes and materials including flexible rubber ESD mats and vinyl ESD mats. ...

ESD nitrile rubber mats are extremely durable and provide resistance to hot solder and chemicals. They feature two layers - a static dissipative top layer and a black conductive bottom layer. Two-layer rubber ESD mats feature excellent electrical properties which make them suitable for use with constant workstation monitors such as the popular SCS 724 constant monitor.

We also supply ESD rubber mats that are approved for cleanroom applications including pharmaceuticals, fiber optics, medical device manufacturing and laboratories. These white ESD cleanroom mats are constructed of a single layer of zero VOC rubber and are reversible – both sides are white. Ideal for critical environments, these cleanroom ESD table mats are low out gassing, silicone free and low VOC.

ESD vinyl table mats are suitable for general electronics assembly and are available in 3-layer mats or single layer homogeneous material. 3-layer vinyl ESD mats feature a highly conductive middle scrim that provides an excellent path to ground for rapid dissipation. These mats are cost effective and available in a wide range of colors and sizes.

Are your products sliding around on your ESD assembly trays? Check our our selection of esd tray liners. ESD safe tray liners protect items from vibration and sliding. Featuring rounded corners, these ESD tray liners are available in stock sizes that fit popular ESD trays.

Correct Products supplies ESD table mats in rolls as well as pre-cut ESD work surface mat kits. ESD table mat kits include ESD grounding hardware such as a ground snap and common point ground. We feature all of the top brands in ESD such as SCS, Desco, Transforming Technologies, Static Solutions, Botron and more! We can cut mats to special sizes, so please contact us if you have special ESD table mat requirements.

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