ESD Gusseted Bags & Square Bottom Covers

At Correct Products, we supply a huge selection of ESD bags including specialty items anti-static gusseted bags and ESD safe square bottom covers. Static safe gusseted and square bottom covers are ideal for packaging large, bulky or irregularly shaped items. Square bottom bags can be used as a liner or cover – great for telecom cabinets, computer and medical equipment. We specialize in custom bags to fit your product flawlessly resulting in better product presentation and protection. ...

Anti-Static Square bottom covers, also known as square-bottom bags, offer several advantages. Square bottom covers provide better stability compared to traditional flat bags. These five-panel protective covers provide form fit and eliminate dog-ears and sloppy appearance. The square shape and form fit also optimize space utilization, both during storage and shipping. No more stuffing excess bag material trying to get your product to fit in the box. These bags can be stacked or placed neatly in boxes without the extra space required for excess bag material.

Gusseted bags provide many of the same benefits as square bottom covers. Gusseted bags have extended sides and fitted bottoms allowing the bag to expand when filled. These bags are ideal for bulky and large items. Unlike square bottom covers which are hand-made, gusseted bags can be machine run so they can provide a more cost-effective solution for higher quantities.

We supply ESD square bottom covers and ESD gusseted bags in a variety of static safe materials, including static shielding, pink anti-static poly, blue anti-static poly, clear anti-static poly, black conductive poly and mil-spec barrier materials. Most orders we run are custom which provide exact form and fit. We are happy to provide samples to ensure the ideal fit!

Since 1983, Correct Products has been a leading supplier of ESD packaging materials. We supply manufacturing companies in the aerospace, defense, electronics, automotive and many other industries requiring ESD protection. We welcome bulk orders and quantities. Buy online or get a quote today.

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