Wrist Straps

An ESD wrist strap is the first line of defense against Electrostatic Discharge and Correct Products offers a huge selection. From a single wire esd wrist strap to a dual wire anti static wrist strap for resistance style ESD constant monitors, we have the right esd strap for you....

ESD wrist straps are available in single wire and dual wire configurations. Single-conductor wrist straps work with impedance type ESD constant monitors and ESD wrist strap testers. You can recognize this esd strap by its single wire coil cord and standard banana plug. Single wire anti static wrist straps are generally less expensive and the most widely used in the industry. Dual Conductor wrist straps work with resistance style monitors such as the SCS 724 constant monitor. Generally considered a superior wrist strap which offers more reliable protection, if one conductor is damaged, the operator will still maintain a path to ground through the other conductor. You can recognize a dual conductor esd strap by its dual wire coil cord and stereo plug style termination.

All of our wrist straps are available in several styles such as adjustable fabric bands, metal Speidel type wrist bands, thermoplastic and Hook and Loop ESD wrist bands. Fabric wrist bands provide connection to the skin with stainless steel/nylon filaments and are available in many colors such as standard blue, all the way to camouflage! Metal expansion bands provide a durable and comfortable premium performance option with a more reliable electrical connection. These bands provide superior contact with the skin and are easily cleaned. Coil cords are available in a variety of lengths, even up to 20' for applications where a long reach is necessary. For field service work or for shipping a wrist strap with equipment, we have disposable wrist straps in stock and ready to ship.

We provide ESD wrist straps from all the top brands including SCS, Transforming Technologies, Botron and more. Please let us know how we can help you improve your ESD program!

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