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ESD Packaging

Correct Products specializes in ESD packaging solutions, in fact we were one of the first in the Southwest to introduce the Corstat black conductive box. From circuit board boxes to small component packaging, we've got your ESD shipping and packaging needs covered. Our selection includes ESD boxes, conductive plastic cases, anti-static bags, static shielding bags, ESD bags, conductive foam, anti-static bubble, ESD thermoforms, anti static foam and much more. ...

By utilizing ESD packaging materials for shipping, in-plant handling and storage, you can be assured your sensitive electronic circuit boards and components are protected from the damages of static discharge. ESD packaging products such as conductive boxes with lids and static shielding bags provide Faraday cage or Faraday shield protection. This provides a protective barrier or shield around your sensitive electronics, protecting them from electrostatic fields and static discharge during transport in areas outside of an ESD protected environment.

In addition to providing protection from the harmful effects of static discharge, ESD packaging also provides fragility protection from the shock and vibration encountered during a typical shipping cycle. Packaging materials such as anti-static bubble, conductive foam and pink anti-static polyurethane and polyethylene anti-static foams can be utilized to protect items from rough handling.

Need a custom solution - send us your requirements! In many instances, a stock product will not meet the exact requirement needed. In these cases, we are happy to assist in the design and identification of solutions that fit your specific packaging requirements. For over 35 years, Correct Products has provided unique custom ESD packaging designs and solved thousands of static control challenges. Our expertise and extensive supply network will ensure you have the right materials for your project.

We have access to the most comprehensive selection of ESD packaging materials in the industry. Whether you are looking for esd foam or ESD flexible films, military spec packaging or an off the shelf stock esd bag you’ve come to the right place. Contact our packaging specialists today!

1148 Products