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Correct Products maintains a large inventory of twine for industrial and manufacturing applications, as well as other uses. We stock synthetic and natural fiber twine rope in a range of ply and strength options. Twine rope products are available in polypropylene synthetic, cotton, sisal, and jute. ...

Polypropylene Tying Twine
Our Polypropylene synthetic twine is firm but pliable, making handling, tying, and knotting easy. The twine rope has exceptional holding power with minimal stretch and is insect, mildew, and rot resistant. Its smooth surface is easy on the hands while still providing high-tensile strength. It is available in 3 different types of ply options to meet your application needs.

1-Ply: Tensile Strength: 110 lbs.
2-Ply: Tensile Strength: 315 lbs.
3-Ply: Tensile Strength: 480 lbs.

Sisal Tying Twine
Sisal twine is made of natural plant fibers. It is widely useful in industrial, agricultural, and landscape tying applications. Natural fibers provide excellent knot strength and a firm grip. This strong, smooth twine is excellent for use with corrugated cartons, as moisture-resistant twine does not cut the edges of the boxes.

1-Ply: Tensile Strength: 190 lbs.
2-Ply: Tensile Strength: 360 lbs.
3-Ply: Tensile Strength: 460 lbs.

Cotton Twine
Cotton twine offers a versatile, lightweight option that forms tight, strong knots. Soft and unpolished, this twine can absorb large amounts of water without compromising strength. Excellent for use in tying packages or bundling papers, as well as other general tasks.

8-Ply: Tensile Strength: 20 lbs.
12-Ply: Tensile Strength: 30 lbs.
16-Ply: Tensile Strength: 40 lbs.

Jute Twine
Jute is a natural fiber twine. Although not as strong as sisal, it is a cost-effective option when you need large amounts of natural fiber twine, but strength is not a priority.

3-Ply: Tensile Strength: 84 lbs.
4-Ply: Tensile Strength: 110 lbs.
5-Ply: Tensile Strength: 140 lbs.

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