Pallet Edge & Corner Protectors

At Correct Products, you can choose from a wide selection of protective packaging products to help safeguard large shipments and pallets. We offer pallet strap guards, corner protectors, edge protectors and foam corners to help reduce damage during shipment and transit. ...

Large shipments mean large investments, so we understand the assurance you want to have when items leave your dock. Pallet corner and edge protectors help protect these investments and are sure to ease your mind and your pocketbooks.

Utilize our selection of pallet strap guards and edge protectors to protect palletized products from strapping damage. These strap guards and protectors are used with tension to prevent damage and are made from strong laminated fiberboard. They are generally used with steel or poly strapping and may be reused and are recyclable.

We also offer a variety of strap guards. These guards are used in large shipments to help protect shipments from damage caused by tight strapping. Featuring a ribbed channel which stops strapping from moving, these guards are generally used with steel or poly strapping. They are made from strong durable plastic and can also be reused. They are sold in case quantities only.

We also offer cardboard pallet edge protectors which help improve stability, stacking strength and corner protection during shipment and transit. Pallet edge protectors are available in light duty, medium duty and heavy duty to match your load and requirements. They are crafted from sturdy materials, often thick layers of recycled cardboard and help eliminate the shifting of loads during transport.

You can also select foam edge and foam corner protectors for a non-abrasive solution to a variety of shipping and packaging requirements - will not scratch or mark.

Shop Correct Products today for all of your shipping, packaging and storage needs. If you have a unique opportunity, we are here to help you find a solution.

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