At Correct Products, we supply a wide variety of moisture barrier packaging accessories, including a range of Desiccant packs. Available in both non-woven Tyvek and economical Kraft pouches, both styles meet military specification Mil-D-3464E, Type I and II....

Desiccant bags are drying agents used to absorb airborne moisture, odors and chemicals and serves to protect products such as semiconductors, electronics and a variety of other products. Used in shipping and storage applications ranging from apparel products to military munitions, desiccant helps keep products dry during unexpected shipping delays or longer than anticipated storage times.

A Tyvek desiccant unit is secured in a strong, sulphur free non-woven plastic pouch and is recommended for electronics and cleanroom applications. A brown Kraft paper desiccant unit is best used for industrial applications such as machined parts and document storage. Desiccant comes packaged in air-tight pails or drums and are available in formats designed for small and large requirements. Desiccant packs are available from 1/6 unit to 16 desiccant unit packs meeting mil d 3464 desiccant. The recommended amount of desiccant is dependent on various factors including the interior surface area of the bag to be used. Desiccant calculators are available to help determine the correct amount of desiccant per package – please contact us for more details.

In addition to desiccant, it’s important to consider other dry packaging partner products to protect your moisture sensitive items. When packaging semiconductor and electronic devices, humidity indicator cards measure the level of relative humidity to the exposed packaged contents. This is a great way to monitor for proper dryness. A full line of industrial vacuum sealers will help reduce the exposure to moisture and air and moisture barrier bags featuring low MVTR rates will work to keep dangerous environmental elements from your products.

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