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Headquartered in Toledo, Ohio, Transforming Technologies has a long history of providing innovative static-control solutions. Transforming Technologies was founded in 1998, and began with an eye on detecting ESD issues, monitoring electrostatic values, and protecting sensitive items from ESD events.

Transforming Technologies currently assists businesses within the electronics manufacturing industry to develop effective static-control programs. The company produces a wide range of static-control products, including ionization equipment, grounding devices, protective clothing, and other specialty ESD products. By developing these products and continued innovation, Transforming Technologies can help you build a static-control program to keep your most sensitive components safe from the dangers of electrostatic discharge.

We feature a variety of Transforming Technologies products including:

Transforming Technologies Ionizers. Air ionizers provide a steady stream of stable ionized air to an individual workspace, decaying static charge for ultimate protection of your sensitive components. Choose from Ptec “In-Tool,” AC ionizing, and other models depending on the amount of calibration and ionization output required.

Transforming Technologies ESD Heel and Toe Grounders. Utilizing a conductive ribbon placed inside the wearer’s sock, Transforming Technologies heel or toe grounders connect the user to the ground and avoid static discharge near sensitive equipment. These footwear grounders must be used in conjunction with specialized ESD flooring or an ESD floor mat.

Transforming Technologies ESD Wrist Straps. ESD wrist straps provide a reliable path to ground for those working with in and around static sensitive electronics. Wrist straps provide dissipation and rerouting of potential static charge, preventing damage to sensitive components in the workspace.

Transforming Technologies Conductive Floor Mats. ESD chair mats, floor mats, and other flooring solutions from Transforming Technologies provide operators in the area with a reliable path to ground for any built-up static charge. Used in conjunction with the proper ESD footwear, conductive floor mats can ground chairs, carts, and people in sensitive areas.

Transforming Technologies ESD Jackets & Smocks. Clothing is a frequent producer of static charges, putting sensitive electronic components at risk. ESD jackets and smocks, and ESD safe cleanroom frocks contain a static dissipative layer to shield electronics and other components from static discharge from operator clothing.

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