Overhead Ionizers

Save valuable worksurface space by utilizing Overhead Ionizers! Designed to mount above the ESD workstation, an ESD overhead ionizer will deliver even coverage of neutralized air for optimum performance. At CorrectProducts.com, you will find a complete selection of overhead ionizers. ...

Air ionization is an important component of a complete static control program. Ionizers are used when it’s not possible to properly ground every item around the workstation, such as isolated conductors and insulated materials such as high charging plastics. ESD ionizers remove the build-up of damaging static charges by delivering a balanced stream of positive and negative ions. Ionization products can neutralize static charges on an insulator in mere seconds, reducing the chances for an ESD event. Ionizers protect electronic devices from electrostatic potential that ESD wrist straps, heel straps and bench top esd table mats just can't eliminate.

At the ESD workstation, work surface space may be at a premium. If so, a benchtop ionizer may take up too much room. If this is the case, an overhead ionizer should be considered. Overhead ionizers control static by blowing a blanket of ionized air down on the product at the workstation. Depending on the coverage required, overhead ionizers can be purchased with two fans, three fans or four fan configurations – with each option providing various levels of coverage and fan speed selection to provide consistent performance. Most overhead ionizers include lighting to improve visibility and production. Also, in cooler climates you may want to consider an integrated heater to help with user comfort.

For cleanroom applications, check out the Guardian CR2000 blower , specifically designed for cleanroom and critical environment applications. All fan and air bearing surfaces are manufactured free of silicones and fan assemblies are particle tested to ISO 14644-1 Class 4 (Fed Std. 209E Class 10) particle limits.

At Correct Products, we supply all the top ionization brands and products including Simco ION Aerostat Guardian Overhead Ionizer, Desco overhead ionizer, SCS, Botron and Transforming Technologies. In addition to our complete selection of Overhead Ionizers, you will also find Benchtop Ionizers, ESD Ionizing Air guns and nozzles. Contact us today for all of your ESD ionization and static control equipment needs!

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