Simco-Ion Aerostat Air Ionizers

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Established in 1936, the company that would become Simco-Ion has long been an industry leader in the static-control sector. Expansion into Europe in the 1940s, ’50s, and ’60s soon led to the incorporation of other premier static-control companies. By 2010, the company had merged Simco and Ion Systems into the united Simco-Ion, an Illinois Tool Works company. As demand for static-control products grew, Simco-Ion expanded into the Netherlands, China, and Japan. The two Asian divisions, the European Division, and the North American Division have firmly established Simco-Ion as a world leader in ionization systems and their components.

Today, production remains strong in the United States, with a technology production facility in Alameda, California, and an industrial production facility in Hatfield, Pennsylvania. Between the two facilities, Simco-Ion offers a research-backed approach to manufacturing its industry-leading static-control solutions for clients in multiple sectors. Current product offerings enable businesses in electronics manufacturing, medical device assembly, semiconductor manufacturing, and other crucial fields to continue production without the threat of electrostatic discharge (ESD) events.

Our featured Simco-Ion products include:

Simco-Ion Overhead Ionizers. A prominent Simco-Ion product for several years has been the company’s line of overhead air ionizers. Ionizers are available in AeroStat Guardian and AeroStat FPD lines and feature either two, three, or four-fan models. Simco-Ion overhead air ionizers provide ionizing airflow to maintain safe conditions over a large configuration of work areas

Simco-Ion Benchtop Air Ionizers. Simco-Ion offers benchtop, desktop, and personal air ionizers to provide ionizing and static-decaying capabilities for individual workspaces. Choose from EndStat and AeroStat models for coverage of up to 6 square feet, or a href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer">AeroStat PC and MinIon models for personal use.

Simco-Ion Ionizing Air Guns. For the most sensitive applications, like electronics manufacturing, you’ll need pinpoint targeting of properly ionized airflow and static removal capabilities. Simco-Ion offers numerous ionizing air gun options, including the Top Gun—with its flow-control valve, lightweight body, and air control trigger—and the AirForce, mountable anywhere in a workstation with its extendable hose and transformer. Additionally, the TopGun SideKick is Simco-Ion’s hands-free model, allowing the operator to direct airflow anywhere via the adjustable neck.

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