Stretch Wrap

Correct Products supplies a broad selection of stretch wrap film. Stretch wrap provides an effective way to unitize pallet loads and bundle smaller items. Stretch wrapping pallets stabilizes and secures your products and protects from tampering and theft. In addition, stretch film protects from moisture, dust and can even provide UV protection. Choose from a variety of styles such as hand stretch wrap, machine stretch wrap, bundling film, pre-stretched film, anti-static stretch wrap, vented stretch wrap and VCI stretch wrap. Stretch film is available in two versions, cast film and blown film. For uniform loads cast film will normally do the job, for more rigorous or irregular loads, blown film should be considered. Colored stretch film is available for specialty applications and works well for identifying shipments and inventory control. Please contact us today for more information on stretch wrap and stretch film.

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Hand Saver Stretch Film Dispenser
Stretch Film Cutter, 2/Case
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Select up to 4 items to compare.