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Correct Products is a supplier of workbenches and chairs for a variety of industries and applications. Our selection includes ESD workstations and ESD Chairs for electronics manufacturing, as well as industrial workbenches and chairs for general manufacturing and assembly. For cleanroom and laboratory environments, we offer cleanroom chairs that meet Class 100 and Class 1000 requirements....

Our selection of industrial work benches and workstations are a great fit for manufacturing and general assembly environments. Our most popular workbench is the basic 4-leg workbench which is available with ESD workbench tops, shelves, electrical strips, lighting and many more accessories.

For technical applications, our R&D workbench and engineering workstations are available with drawers and cabinets, instrument shelves and lighting. They are also available with ESD laminate tops for electronics and standard laminate for general applications.

Studies show sitting all day is hard on your back, muscles, and heart. Stand, sit and move while working to burn more calories, reduce pain and get more done. Even small adjustments in the position of a keyboard or monitor or using an ergonomic footrest can make a big difference in reducing pain or eye strain. We have ergonomic workbenches, chairs and accessories to help.

Our selection of modular and adjustable workbenches allow full adjustability of worksurface height, shelving, lighting and more offering comfort and safety for your employees. Our selection of adjustable workstations also includes hand crank height adjustable stations and electronic height adjustable workbenches for your specific needs.

There are many ergonomic accessories available to help make slight adjustments at workstations. We have wrist and arm rest support accessories available as well as footrest accessories. We can help make workstations comfortable for your employees so they can maximize their output.

We also supply specialty chairs and production seating designed to fit a variety of workplaces; from healthcare, industrial, laboratory and technology. Our selection of production chairs includes ESD chairs, cleanroom chairs and laboratory seating. Chairs are available in a wide range of heights and with choices of upholstery such as fabric, vinyl, polyurethane and plastic.

We supply all the top workstation and seating brands including IAC Industries, Biofit Seating, Treston, Pro-Line, Workstation Industries and BenchPro. Call us today and let us know how we can help.

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