ESD Heel & Shoe Straps

Correct Products supplies a wide range of ESD heel straps with features that can accommodate any budget and application. Our selection of ESD heel straps features the top names in ESD control, including SCS, Botron and Transforming Technologies. From durable cup-style heel grounders to disposable heel straps we are sure to have an ESD shoe strap to meet your requirements....

Why use ESD heel straps?

An ESD shoe strap will provide an effective ground for mobile personnel when they are utilizing an ESD floor mat or static dissipative flooring. The advantage of using an anti-static foot strap is that it allows the user to be mobile and still grounded, without having to be tethered to an anti static wrist strap. The heel strap grounds the user via contact with the skin through perspiration in the shoe which provides an electrical contact with the conductive ribbon and the body. Remember, it is always recommended to wear ESD shoe straps on both feet.

We have a variety of styles available, choose the best style of ESD shoe strap to fit your requirements. A cup style heel strap is the most durable and will provide long lasting wear and comfort. Available in a variety of colors, even bright colors which allow for easy visual identification of ESD sensitive work areas. Bright colors also help identify personnel or visitors that are not wearing their shoe grounders. Choose from large cups for big shoes and non-marking cups that don’t show scuffs. All of our ESD heel straps feature high quality stitching, choice of encapsulated resistor or sewn-in resistor and conductive ribbons of various lengths. For comfort selection, you can choose from stretch elastic Velcro closure or D-Ring adjustment.

Looking for an anti-static heel strap for a specialty application? Look no further, we supply a unique assortment. Check out our ESD shoe strap grounders with full sole protection which provide maximum ESD protection by providing full surface contact with your ESD flooring. The user always maintains contact with the floor whether they are on their toes or heel. Need to ground users wearing heeled shoes, check out our toe grounders. We also have disposable heel grounders available. Disposables are ideal for temporary use and visitors that are entering ESD sensitive work areas. For cleanroom and clean areas, we provide ESD shoe covers. These shoe covers feature a conductive strip that grounds the user, while at the same time protecting your work area from dirt and particulate.

As a leader in ESD supplies and control since 1983, Correct Products can help provide unique solutions for all of your critical needs!

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