Pink Anti Static Cushion Pouches

Correct Products is your one stop source for pink anti-static cushion pouches and bubble bags. Our selection features a variety of styles ranging from multi-layer antistatic cushion pouches to the economical tape-n-lip pink anti-static bubble bag. Antistatic bubble cushion pouches and bags protect electronic components from harmful electrostatic discharge and provide protection from physical damage. ...

At Correct Products, we’ve been specializing in ESD packaging since 1983 and provide the widest selection in the industry. A popular product throughout the years is the versatile ESD safe anti-static cushion pouch. Pink in color, these anti-static cushion pouches are manufactured from multi-layers of anti-static bubble and pink static dissipative poly. This multi-layer construction creates a heavy-duty pouch ideal for in-plant handling, as well as shipping and storage. The anti-static poly inner layer provides a smooth surface for easy loading and unloading – connectors and leads will not accidentally catch on exposed bubble. These pouches are available with convenient ziplock closure or open top flap. Cushion pouches also provide great protection when used with conductive divider totes or Corstat In-Plant Handler totes – simply slide the pouch in the divider and reap the benefits of the heavy-duty cushioning protection.

Looking for a more economical solution for one-way shipping? Check out our selection of self-seal antistatic bubble bags and antistatic foam pouches. Antistatic bubble bags are a low-cost choice for shipping, featuring a single layer of antistatic bubble and a tape and lip closure system. Pink anti-static foam pouches are constructed from 1/8” polyethylene foam and are flush cut at the top.

As with all of the ESD packaging materials we supply, custom sizes and designs are available.

We sell packaging and ESD cushion pouches to manufacturing companies in the aerospace, defense, electronics, automotive and many other industries requiring ESD protection. We welcome bulk orders and quantities. Buy online or get a quote today.

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