ACL Staticide ESD Cleaning Products

ACL Staticide has been a trusted supplier of quality ESD products for more than 50 years. At Correct Products, you will find a complete selection of ACL Staticide cleaning and static control workstation products. ...

Headquartered in Chicago Illinois, ACL is an ISO approved corporation. ACL supplies a wide range of anti-static products, contamination control products for critical environments and products for PCB rework, repair and prototyping. Industries that use ACL products include automotive, aerospace, medical device, plastics, telecommunications and many more! The name Staticide® is synonymous with high quality and reliability.

You will find ACL’s comprehensive selection of ESD products online at From ESD table mats to ACL’s famous Staticide ESD Spray, we have the ACL products you are searching for.

ACL ESD Workbench Products – check out a huge selection of ESD table mats including 2-layer rubber mats resistant to hot solder and chemicals and dissipative vinyl mats for general assembly. ACL also provides durable ESD floor mats suitable for rolling carts and chairs.

ACL Anti-Static Cleaners and ESD Sprays – the famous Staticide® anti-static topical coatings have been proven effective for years in industrial and commercial facilities. These easy to apply ESD sprays can reduce static electricity on both porous and non-porous surfaces.

ACL ESD Floor Wax and Floor Paint – ground mobile workers with the addition of anti-static flooring. Long lasting ESD floor wax is an economical method of grounding an ESD floor or for a more permanent option check out ACL’s Diamond ESD Floor Paint. Available in a dark gray color, ESD floor paint is suitable for foot traffic and carts and can withstand most common chemicals.

ESD Wearables – choose from a variety of ESD heel grounder and wrist straps. Durable, economical and some new unique options in the industry!

ACL ESD Testing & Equipment – ensure your static control program is performing at the expected level with our complete selection of ACL Surface Resistivity Kits, Static Locators and ESD Footwear and Wrist Strap testers.

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