ESD Field Service Kits

Correct Products supplies a wide range of ESD Field Service Kits for use by the service technician. Portable ESD Field Service Kits provide a simple and effective means of creating an ESD protected area while out in the field. To cater to different needs, our field service kits are available in different colors, sizes and configurations. This variety ensures optimal protection against electrostatic discharge, tailored to your specific requirements. ...

An ESD field service kit is an essential component for technicians working in the field. These convenient kits allow the technician to create a portable ESD work area which enables a safe work environment for electronics equipment repair. Field service kits bundle many critical ESD products together including:

Portable ESD Mat Surface
The vinyl ESD mats included with a field service kit are designed to quickly and reliably drain static charges. These portable ESD mats ground the technician and provide an ESD worksurface to lay static sensitive parts. Most will contain pockets for storage and are foldable for easy transport.

ESD Wrist Strap
Worn by the technician, the ESD wrist strap will drain static buildup on their person when properly grounded via the ESD mat or other grounding device.

ESD Ground Cord
An ESD Ground Cord is an integral feature of the ESD Field service kit. When utilizing the grounding snap on the vinyl ESD worksurface, you can safely connect the mat to a ground source allowing for safe handling of ESD sensitive items on the mat.

ESD Constant Monitor
A portable ESD Continuous Monitor is a battery-operated ESD monitor that can monitor the user’s wrist strap as well as proper ground connection.

ESD Ground Checker
This device allows you to plug into a prong outlet and provides a banana receptacle for an easy ground solution for your wrist strap.

At Correct Products, we supply ESD products to manufacturing companies in the aerospace, defense, electronics, automotive and many other industries requiring ESD protection. We welcome bulk orders and custom quotes. Buy online or get a quote today!

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