Cleanroom Packaging

Correct Products provides a huge selection of critical ESD and Cleanroom packaging products. Our Class 100 Cleanroom Bags are ideal for packaging semiconductor wafers, medical devices, cleanroom gowns, gloves, wipers and other products requiring surface particulate cleanliness. Browse our entire selection of Cleanroom Poly Bags, film and tubing available in a wide range of sizes, mil thicknesses and materials....

We supply stock cleanroom bags class 100 and also specialize in small runs of custom-made bags to fit specific customer requirements. All of our cleanroom bags, tubing and film are double-bagged, bulk-packed and include a Certificate of Conformance. Our cleanroom poly tubing is supplied on plastic cores and all bags, tubing and sheeting are amine-free. Zip close pouches are available and feature excellent clarity, strength and cleanliness. These bags are available printed or unprinted and suitable for sterilization by gamma irradiation.

The primary level of cleaning performed is to a Class 100 Level. To establish the criteria required to meet Level 100 cleaning standards, we refer to IEST-STD-CC1246D. Recommendations are followed in this document for cleaning procedures using recommended solvents and other materials called for. The tables in this document are used to establish basic allowable surface particulate criteria. Our goal is to provide the highest quality Cleanroom products that meet and exceed our customer’s requirements while complying with Federal and Industrial standards.

In addition to Class 100 cleanroom bags, we also provide many additional film choices, custom sizes and even bags meeting more stringent requirements, such as Ultra Low Outgassing (ULO) Bags. ULO Poly Bags are manufactured for critical applications and feature low ionic contamination and ultra-low outgassing. If you are working around ESD sensitive components, we supply cleanroom bags in pink anti-static poly as well as cleanroom safe static shielding bags.

We’ve been providing our clients critical packaging supplies since 1983, contact us today for more information on Cleanroom Poly Bags and Film.

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