Biofit Cleanroom ESD Chairs

BioFit is a leading manufacturer of ergonomically engineered seating and optimally designed table and storage configurations for lab and industrial environments. Since producing their first ergonomic chair over 75 years ago, BioFit has proven itself a highly innovative designer and manufacturer. As a certified distributor, Correct Products offers a large selection of BioFit ergonomic seating, storage, and table options, including a focus on ESD chairs, technical stools, mobile carts and folding mobile tables. ...

Currently, BioFit focuses on providing ergonomic seating and table solutions that emphasize user comfort, thus boosting worker productivity—both in the immediate future and through long-term use. Its durable, ergonomic seating configurations are designed for laboratory, health care, science, industrial, high technology, education, and office settings. As such, they feature multiple models that are cleanroom, electrostatic discharge (ESD), or cleanroom/ESD compatible. All Biofit chairs and Biofit furniture table lines are LEEDS (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design)-certified, easy to clean and disinfect, and can be customized according to your needs.

BioFit Technical Chairs. Each of BioFit’s industrial rated technical chairs is available in various easily cleaned and disinfected materials, including molded aluminum, tubular steel, wipeable vinyl, upholstery and more. Technical chairs and Biofit stools have the option to include slides or casters for maneuverability. Also, ETT and ETC Series BioFit Technical chairs include several backrest options, seat widths, and heights to optimize comfort and ergonomic capabilities while reducing fatigue.

BioFit Cleanroom Chairs. BioFit cleanroom chairs feature 100% cleanroom compliance. These ergonomic Biofit chairs and Biofit stools offer particle filtration of 0.1 microns and higher to fit your cleanroom specifications no matter your cleanrooroom, lab, or workspace demands. Available in numerous heights, with or without chair backs and footrests, and with or without slides or casters, the BioFit lab chairs and cleanroom chairs wil be a perfect fit for your unique work or cleanroom environment.

BioFit ESD Chairs. BioFit offers multiple series of ESD chairs, all 100% continuity tested and certified ANSI/BIFMA compliant. Most popular are BioFit’s Eton, ArmorSeat, and UU lines, which feature polypropylene and molded polyurethane seats, respectively—as well as lumbar supportive backrests and optional conductive casters or slides. All ESD chairs are available in at least two height ranges with pneumatic seat adjustment and drag chains.

BioFit Adjustable Ergonomic Footrests. Seated workers in various classroom, industrial, laboratory, and health care settings will benefit from BioFit adjustable ergonomic footrests. Each is constructed of a welded steel frame for optimal durability, with rugged, non-skid platform surfaces for superior safety.

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