Botron ESD Testers and Cleanroom Equipment

Botron Company is a leading supplier of ESD control products and static control equipment. At Correct Products, you will find a complete selection of Botron ESD products, from ESD Table Mats to Ionization equipment – we have you covered! ...

Founded by Robert C. Hooley Jr. in the 1980’s, Botron has been delivering exceptional quality and innovation in the ESD industry for decades. Botron is headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona with an office and warehouse in New Hampshire. Browse our complete selection today!

Botron ESD Table Mats – Choose from a range of ESD table mats and rolls. We supply both 2-Layer and 3-Layer ESD rubber mats. These rubber table mats provide a durable static safe worksurface when utilizing chemicals or hot solder. For general assembly, check out our selection of vinyl ESD mats that provide excellent electrical properties along with cushioning properties.

Botron Personal Grounding Products – Correct Products supplies a wide variety of Botron ESD grounding products, including ESD wrist straps and heel grounders. The most critical and 1st step in ESD defense is the ESD wrist strap and you will find a variety available to meet most any requirement. For mobile personnel with ESD flooring, heel grounders and ESD Sole Grounders are an ideal solution.

Botron Test & Measurement Equipment – Needing to test your wrist straps and heel grounders? Look no further than Botron for the latest technology in ESD testing and measurement. You will also find a range of Surface Resistivity Meters and Static Locators!

Botron Ionizers – Looking for high quality Ionization equipment for your workstation? Check out the Intelligent Ionizers from Botron. Internet ready and monitored with a built-in LED screen, these ionizers provide reliability and performance. Built-in continuous monitoring displayed in real time means you will never be caught off balance!

Botron Workstations Accessories – browse a huge selection of Botron static control accessories at Correct Products. You will find ESD floor mats, tweezers, tape dispensers, brushes and more!

Since 1983 Correct Products has been supplying high quality ESD products for critical needs! Let us know how we can help improve your ESD control program today!

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