Conductive Corrugated Bins

Correct Products offers a wide assortment of ESD storage solutions for sensitive electronic parts and components. An economical solution for organizing your parts and storeroom is the utilization of ESD corrugated bins and ESD safe corrugated plastic storage bin boxes....

We supply conductive bin boxes in two materials - conductive corrugated and conductive corrugated plastic bin boxes. Conductive corrugated is an ESD safe cardboard material. We feature both Corstat and Protektive Pak corrugated materials. Corstat is a conductive corrugated ESD coated cardboard that offers excellent shielding and ESD properties. Protektive Pak features a buried shielding layer and also offers excellent shielding and ESD properties. Conductive Fluted Plastic (CFP or Plastek) is a corrugated plastic polypropylene that offers more durability over standard ESD cardboard and is resistant to moisture and chemicals. Conductive corrugated plastic bin boxes offer an economical alternative to injection molded plastic bins and totes.

ESD safe corrugated bin storage boxes are available in a variety of styles including open bin box, closed bin box style and deep bins for reels and DIP tubes. They ship flat and store flat providing a savings on shipping and floor space. Open bins are the standard for shelf and organizational storage. Open bin boxes feature a durable one-piece construction and provide easy picking and ample space for identification. Closed bins provide stackability and keep parts organized while utilizing less space. In addition, when the lid is closed they provide Faraday Cage shielding properties. Reel bins and DIP tube bins feature extra height to safely store both reels and DIP tubes in the same box. ESD safe clear esd document holders are available for product identification.

At Correct Products, we specialize in custom and all of our bins are available in custom sizes and configurations. Please contact us today for more information on ESD storage bins, ESD totes and containers.

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