Static Shielding Bags

Correct Products stocks thousands of Static Shielding Bags in a variety of sizes for immediate delivery! Since 1983 we've been specializing in ESD control products and ESD packaging and shipping materials. Static shielding bags provide Faraday Cage protection creating an ESD safe environment for shipping and storing sensitive electronic components and devices. ...

Check out our huge selection of SCS (formerly 3M Static Control) Metal-in static shielding bags. SCS 1000 static shielding bags are constructed with an inner layer of static dissipative polyethylene, aluminum shielding, polyester and an outer static dissipative coating. Each shielding bag is printed with an ESD warning symbol and lot code for traceability and meet the requirements of ANSI/ESD S20.20, packaging standard ANSI/ESD S541 and Static Control Bag ANSI/ESD S11.4 Level 3. We stock shielding bags with open tops, as well as zip closures. Static shielding bags are even available with a high puncture film that features a strong polyester layer to help prevent punctures and tears. High Puncture bags feature a 22lb puncture resistance and are ideal for working with sharp edges and components.

Working on a military specification packaging application? We offer static shielding bags that meet the requirements of MIL-DTL-117H Type II Class H Style II. These military spec shielding bags are offered in a variety of stock sizes, as well as custom sizes in both in open top and zip top.

Looking for a special size static shielding bag? Perhaps a gusseted bag or square bottom cover. No problem, custom sizes are available from small bags to large shielding bags in a variety of custom formats. We also stock a selection of sizes of static shielding roll stock and static shielding tubing. Shielding tubing is great for making your own custom size bags. Simply cut the tubing to the appropriate size and seal with an impulse heat sealer. Please let us know how we can help with your next ESD bag project!

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