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Conductive Containers, Inc—better known as CCI—has been in operations since the electrostatic discharge (ESD) protective packaging industry’s foundation in 1978. Headquartered in New Hope, Minnesota, the company invented Corstat conductive corrugated packaging material, designed to transport electronic and other highly sensitive items safely while keeping them safe from ESD events. Throughout the years, CCI has diversified its product offerings to include an ever-increasing number of custom-built Corstat designs, circuit board shippers, ESD safe thermoformed packaging and ESD cushioning products. ...

Currently, CCI is the premier provider of Corstat conductive corrugated and static shielding packaging solutions. While Corstat is the company’s best-known product, the number of innovative packaging options CCI provides enables businesses in multiple sectors to utilize ESD safe shipping boxes, plastic shippers, and many other ESD shipping solutions. In addition to shipping supplies, CCI also manufactures a variety of ESD and conductive storage and material handling solutions.

Correct Products is a certified stocking distributor of Corstat and other CCI products and offer a comprehensive selection of CCI products. Popular products include:

CCI Corstat Corrugated Shipping Boxes. Corstat corrugated boxes are ESD safe, charge-free, and ideal for use in static-free environments. Once your product ships, CCI’s exclusive Corstat material provides continuous ESD and Faraday Cage protection.

CCI Corstat Corrugated Tote Boxes. Available in a wide variety of sizes for use in a nearly endless number of applications, CCI Corstat tote boxes are ESD safe for your workspace or lab. Reinforced for a variety of uses, these conductive corrugated totes offer premium wear with static-free design.

CCI Component Shippers. CCI IC shippers provide an ideal, controlled path to ground to protect sensitive items inside. These shippers are lined with anti-static and conductive foam to protect against jarring, vibrations, and electrostatic discharge.

CCI Conductive Injection-Molded Hinged Plastic Boxes. Available in a wide variety of sizes, each injection-molded hinged plastic box is ESD safe and features durable hinges and latches as well as sturdy tongue and groove construction.

CCI Kleanstat Bubble Lined Conductive Mailers. Kleanstat bubble provides FOD free packaging for shipping high value items. Corrugated plastic mailers provide increased durability and cleanliness.

CCI Corstat Open Bins. Available in several heights, widths, and depths, conductive open bins provide an ideal solution for sorting items in a workspace, lab, or warehouse with ESD requirements.

CCI ESD Shelf Liners. Depending on your needs, CCI shelf liners are available in conductive chipboard or fluted plastic—but all feature angled corners to fit on most standard shelf types. Each shelf liner has two 10 mm male grounding snaps for static protection and stability.

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