Air Pillows

Correct Products supplies a wide range of air pillow packaging solutions for void fill and dunnage. Rapid Fill® from Sealed Air has allows the user to make custom pillows by defining the amount of air per bag, creating a custom solution for each package. Sealed Air Rapid Fill® is one of the lightest void fill products available saving money on shipping. Additionally available from Sealed Air, is Sealed Air Instapak Quick® expandable foam bags. Perfect for small to medium-sized packaging operations looking for the superior cushioning properties of Instapak® foam without a large up-front investment. For a "make your own bubble solution", we offer the MINI PAK'R™ Air Cushioning System. The MINI PAK'R™ machine creates bubble quickly and easily makes different kinds of air bubbles on demand. Give us a call today for all your void fill needs!

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