ESD Trash Cans & Liners

Looking to replace those charge generating insulative trash cans? At Correct Products, you can find a wide selection of ESD trash cans. Whether you’re looking for an ESD waste basket for under your ESD workbench or a stainless steel trash can for your cleanroom, we’ve got you covered....

An ESD waste basket may seem like a just another ESD accessory, however it can be an integral part of your overall static control program. Highly charged plastic trash cans and waste receptacles in the work area can introduce dangerous electrostatic discharge near your ESD sensitive items. It’s important to remove such items, or replace them with a suitable ESD alternative. We supply ESD trash cans in a variety of sizes and materials including durable black static dissipative plastic, stainless steel and gray anti-static plastic. We also offer trash receptacles in conductive corrugated and conductive plastic corrugated materials. Conductive corrugated trash cans assemble easily and are most economical, however they do not work well with liquid refuse. Conductive plastic corrugated waste receptacles offer an economical choice as well as a material that will hold up better to liquids.

Once you have replaced your standard high charging plastic trash cans, do not forget to change the trash can liners themselves. Conventional poly trash can liners can easily introduce tens of thousands of volts of static electricity in your ESD controlled work areas. You will want to replace these standard liners with either a pink anti-static trash liner or a black static dissipative or conductive trash bag. A black static dissipative bag can reduce charge generation to less than 250 volts. Our trash liners are available in a range of sizes and each have a matching ESD waste basket for a complete system.

ESD trash cans and waste receptacles can play an important role in any ESD control program. They are ideal for clean rooms, electronics manufacturing, inspection and research industries. Contact us today for more details!

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