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At Correct Products, we supply a huge selection of ESD Ionizer Air Guns, Nozzles and Point of Use Air Ionizers. Ionizing air guns provide targeted static neutralization and blow-off capabilities for a wide range of industrial applications. ...

Why us an ESD Ionizer Air Gun?

An ESD Ionizer Air Gun will provide superior control and targeted high force air flow to neutralize static charges responsible for the build up of contaminates and particulate on product surfaces. The ionizing gun not only neutralizes, but with its targeted air flow control will blow-off these stubborn particles. Air guns are ideal for a wide variety of applications including semiconductor, optics, flat panel display, electronic assembly, life sciences, automotive and pharmaceutical.

Air guns are ergonomically designed and easy to use with a light-touch trigger. Hands-free operation is also available with select models, such as the SIMCO ION Top Gun Sidekick. With its flexible positioning gooseneck, you can point the ionizer gun towards your desired location and simply press a foot pedal to control the ionization and air flow. The Top Gun Sidekick reduces compressed air consumption and extends the life of the ionizer. An optional optical sensor is also available that will automatically activate when an object is in range.

In need of more precision and pinpoint targeted ionization? Consider an Ionizing Air Nozzle, available with multiple nozzle tips to suit a variety of applications. Nozzle tips will change the airflow for different outputs such as wide angle, long range, bendable and manifold nozzles. Nozzles can be operated hands-free, as well as with photo-electric eyes for automated activation. Have an area that needs ionization but the space is small or narrow – we have small mountable air nozzles that can be located inside equipment or hard to reach areas.

ESD ionizers are an effective weapon in combatting static problems. Air Guns provide the ionization benefits of flooding an area with positive and negative ions, but with their high velocity air flow provide the extra benefit of blowing off particulates, fibers and contaminants.

Browse our selection online today! We supply top brands including SIMCO ION, SCS, Transforming Technologies, Botron and more!

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