Shrink Wrap

Correct Products supplies a broad selection of shrink wrap products. Shrink film is a plastic film that when heat is applied, shrinks tightly over the product being covered. Heat can be applied easily by a hand held shrink film heat gun or for higher volumes a shrink tunnel. We supply shrink in both PVC shrink film (polyvinyl chloride) and polyolefin shrink film, both are available in various gauges. PVC shrink film is the most common, least expensive and is a crispier film. Polyolefin shrink film is softer and malleable and is FDA approved for direct food contact. Shrink film can be purchased in various forms such as shrink film rolls, shrink film bags and shrink film tubing. Shrink film provides a convenient and low cost method of providing packaging with a professional appearance. Please contact us today for more information on shrink film products and shrink film equipment.