Cleanroom Apparel

At Correct Products, we supply a complete selection of cleanroom apparel, including cleanroom frocks, disposable shoe covers, bouffant caps, aprons, beard covers and more! Our cleanroom apparel products are used in environments where maintaining a high level of cleanliness and minimizing contamination is crucial, such as pharmaceutical manufacturing, semiconductor, optical, biotechnology, and medical device manufacturing. ...

Cleanroom apparel, including coveralls, bouffant caps, face masks, and shoe covers, help prevent shedding of particles and fibers from the wearer's body and clothing, minimizing the risk of contamination to the products being manufactured. In addition, these products provide PPI (Personal Protective Equipment) needs. These cleanroom personnel protection products provide a barrier between the wearer and the cleanroom environment. This protects both the products being manufactured and the wearer from potential hazards such as chemicals, particulates, or biological contaminants.

Our disposable cleanroom apparel products are available in a wide variety of materials. These include lightweight materials for short-term protection such as Polyethylene, Spunbound Polypropylene, and PE Coated Polypropylene. We also carry a wide variety of Tyvek, SMS, and Microporous garments which are very durable, low-linting and provide excellent liquid and dust protection.

Looking for ESD safe cleanroom disposable apparel? Check out our Conductive Shoe Covers! These disposable shoe covers, also known as booties feature a conductive strip to protect static sensitive devices in ESD protected work areas.

In addition to a wide variety of disposable cleanroom apparel, we also provide washable garments for cleanrooms and controlled environments. Our ESD cleanroom garment system includes hoods, coveralls and boots with conductive soles. These washable garments are ideal for cleanrooms, labs and manufacturing environments. This cleanroom garment system conforms to IEST-RP-CC052.1 and ANSI ESDS20.20.

We sell cleanroom apparel products and cleanroom supplies to manufacturing companies in the aerospace, defense, electronics, semiconductor, optical, biotechnology and many other industries requiring cleanliness and contamination control. We welcome bulk orders and quantities. Buy online or get a quote today!

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