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ESD & Cleanroom Products

Correct Products has been specializing in ESD protection since 1983 - we stock a wide variety of ESD Control Products, static control equipment and cleanroom products that protect sensitive electronics from electrostatic discharge. Whether you are manufacturing disk drives, semiconductors, circuit boards or flat panel displays, we've got you covered....

We supply one of the most comprehensive selections of ESD control products in the industry ranging from personal grounding, to ESD packaging and storage products. Our line of personal grounding products features the cornerstones of ESD protection – the ESD wrist strap and the ESD table mat. Choose from a variety of styles of wrist straps and static control mats and rolls. For mobile personnel we supply a range of ESD foot grounders and anti-static floor mats and conductive floor runners.

An important consideration in ESD control is testing and monitoring the performance of your program. We have the ESD testing products to help! We offer a huge selection of ESD Wrist Strap Testers, as well as constant monitoring systems which provide continuous protection and immediate visual and audible alarms of failures. Surface resistivity meters and ESD locators can help identify non-compliant ESD items as well as insulative items in the work area.

If you do have insulative items in the work area and they are essential to job performance, it’s imperative to have an ESD ionizer to neutralize any static charges on these items. We have a complete selection of ionizers featuring benchtop ionizers, ionizing air guns and space-saving overhead ionizers. ESD Ionizers deliver a balanced stream of positive and negative ions and control static charges on insulating materials.

In addition to critical items such as wrist straps and table mats, we supply a plethora of static control accessories for the workstation. From visual indicators including ESD signs and posters, to conductive cabinets and racks we can outfit the ultimate ESD safe work area!

Our line of cleanroom products includes stainless steel tables, cleanroom apparel, cleanroom sticky mats, wipers, clean room trays, gloves and an extensive line of cleanroom bags and film. We supply Class 100 cleanroom bags and film for packaging medical devices, semiconductor wafers, wipers, clean room trays and much more.

We supply all the top brands including Desco, SCS, Simco, Static Solutions, Tech Wear, Transforming Technologies, Fancort, ACL & Botron. Our experience and knowledge of ESD control products and cleanroom products is unsurpassed. Please let us know how we can help!

2214 Products