Desco ESD Products

The Desco brand manufactures ESD control product groups, including ESD floor mats, static meters, test kits, wrist straps, wrist strap/heel strap combo testers, ground kits and ESD cleaning products. ...

Established in 1956 as Delta Electrical Supply Company, DESCO began manufacturing a continuity/voltage tester known as the Circuitracer. By 1978, the company had become so well known for its innovations in the electronics manufacturing industry that it re-incorporated as Desco Industries, Inc. Since then, Desco has acquired several companies and manufactures electronics and electrostatic discharge (ESD) control products primarily in its United States-based manufacturing facility; however, it staffs additional facilities in the UK and Singapore. Today, Desco Industries, Inc., consists of multiple brands, including SCS, Protektive Pak, EMIT, ESDSystems, Statguard Flooring, APR, and MENDA, which still manufactures Circuitracer using the original specifications. Desco and its brands offer full customization of any Desco product to meet the needs of those in the laboratory, high electronics, health care, and industrial sectors.

Correct Products is a proud distributor-partner of Desco brand and other Desco Industries branded products for ESD control. As an authorized Desco distributor, we provide a wide variety of Desco products.

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