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Correct Products is a leading supplier of industrial storage totes and warehouse containers. We supply a wide variety of totes, bins and tote dividers in many styles and sizes suitable for distribution, warehouse storage and general manufacturing. ...

A divider box with lid is one of our most popular and versatile totes for storage and handling. Divider box totes are a stack only tote box manufactured from high density polyethylene. We supply these divider boxes in both standard commercial grade, as well as ESD totes with dividers for the prevention of static damage. Bin boxes with dividers are ideal for storage and assembly operations. They feature strong stacking ridges and provide a load capacity of 40lbs per container.

To fully maximize the versatility of divider boxes, it’s important to order the proper accessories. A divider box with lid will keep your products free of dust, dirt and debris. We have covers available in snap-on style, as well as insert style. Snap-on covers feature molded-in tabs on one side that hook under the container lip and fit tightly on the tote. Insert style lids rest on the perimeter stacking ridge and feature a finger hole for easy removal.

Tote dividers are available to help increase product protection and create a custom size cell partition to fit more parts per tote and prevent part migration. Dividers slide easily into molded “no guess” divider grids and are dividable on 1.25” centers. Each divider slot is numbered to facilitate adding or removing dividers as your requirements change. Each tote box has a maximum number of long dividers and short dividers.

We also offer a heavy-duty dolly which has a 560-pound weight capacity. It is equipped with two swivel and two fixed 3" casters. This allows you to move heavy containers in a safe manner from one area to another. These dollies are compatible with 3000 series divider boxes only.

Another accessory to consider for your divider box with lid is a snap-on cardholder. Cardholders conveniently snap on the two preinstalled snaps that come standard on the storage boxes. Cardholders simply snap on the containers and are ideal for identifying contents

Bin boxes with dividers provide a multi-purpose solution available to facilitate the storage of a variety of products. Call us today with any questions, we are happy to help you find a solution.

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