Correct Products supplies a wide variety of shipping, handling and inventory labels. Shipping labels help identify package contents, special handling requirements or product attributes. ...

Choose from a variety of shipping and handling labels such as fragile labels, glass labels, hot & cold labels, ESD caution labels, arrow labels and many more!

Our selection of fragile labels varies in size, message and color and are suitable for many specific requirements.

Glass and liquid labels also come in a variety of sizes and messages to choose from depending on your need. These labels alert the shipper and receiver to know the contents should be handled with care.

The arrow labels we offer are helpful for the shipper and receiver to notice there may be contents inside of the shipment which require the box to be opened at a certain end to reduce the risk of spills or breakage. These come in a variety sizes and messages.

We offer a wide variety of inventory labels which help in the organization of warehouse supplies, office supplies, and general inventory. They come in a various shapes and sizes to help differentiate contents and items. Check out our storage totes and bins to complete your warehouse or inventory stock.

At Correct Products, you can also find a large selection of D.O.T and International labels. D.O.T. labels help identify hazardous materials in your shipments. Our range of International labels feature common messages and images that are internationally recognizable.

Looking for laser label sheets and bar code labels? We have a complete selection for your review. We also have a variety of label dispensers to choose from. These may be wall mounted or table-top dispensers, depending on your workspace requirements.

We have thousands of labels to offer! Please check out our inventory and if you don’t find exactly what you are looking for, please call us and we can help!

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