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An ESD smock is an essential element to any comprehensive static control program. At Correct Products, we supply a wide selection of ESD smocks featuring a range of fabrics, brands and features. Browse our selection from top brands including Tech Wear, SCS, Transforming Technologies, Desco and more. We are sure to have an ESD jacket or lab coat to meet your needs! ...

ESD smocks provide protection from static discharge. An ESD lab coat is constructed with carbon fibers which help minimize harmful static charges caused by insulative clothing, such as clothing made from synthetic fibers. These carbon fibers are woven into the ESD jacket or lab coat in a chain-link design which provides continuous and consistent dissipation of static charges.

You can find an ESD smock for just about any application and to fit any budget. We supply economy style smocks that feature anti-static properties, these lower cost garments contain less carbon than an esd coat that is dissipative. Static dissipative and groundable ESD jackets or lab coats are available that allow the user to connect a ground cord directly to a snap on the esd coat. These groundable jacket or lab coat feature ESD knit cuffs, which allow for the elimination of the esd wrist strap.

ESD lab coats and jackets are available in a wide range of styles and sizes. Traditional long sleeve smocks are the most popular choice. However, for hotter climates or in the summer months, a short sleeve or convertible sleeve ESD jacket or lab coat can be the perfect solution for keeping the user comfortable. In addition, fabric choices are available ranging from light weight materials to heavy weight thicker fabrics. Another area with a plethora of choices is garment color – choose from blue, black, white, burgundy, camo and many more. Looking for an alternative to a lab coat or esd jacket? Check out our ESD polos! ESD polo shirts keep you dry and comfortable with a soft breathable fabric.

Since 1983 Correct Products has been specializing in providing solutions for ESD control. Please contact us today for more details on our selection of ESD labcoats, jackets and ESD smocks.

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