Durastat & Plastek Totes

Correct Products is a leading supplier of ESD products offering a huge selection of ESD safe Totes, ESD Bins and Containers. Browse our extensive selection of CCI Durastat Corrugated Plastic Totes and Protektive Pak Plastek Totes and containers. Corrugated plastic and Plastek totes provide an excellent alternative to conductive corrugated. Conductive corrugated plastic totes offer excellent durability, are resistant to moisture and prevent FOD. We supply many standard sizes of totes and containers in these materials. The Durastat totes feature heavy duty aluminum rails with stacking corners. Plastek stacking containers feature stacking corners with a wire frame for stability. Conductive corrugated plastic materials such as CFP and Plastek are ideal for custom size totes and bins. Please contact us today for more information on ESD Totes, Bins and Containers.

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