ESD Flooring

ESD safe flooring and ESD floor mats remove static charges from personnel as they approach ESD safe work areas providing significant passive protection in well-traveled areas. When used in conjunction with ESD heel grounders or ESD safe footwear, a grounded ESD floor mat will drain static charges.... ESD safe flooring offers an extra layer of ESD protection, especially in areas where wrist straps are not suitable and grounded mobile personnel is a necessity. ESD floor mats can also provide safety features such as no-slip surfaces and visible aisle marking.

ESD floor mats and rolls are available in a wide selection of anti-static materials and sizes. Choose from the traditional diamond plate look, smooth vinyl, smooth rubber, Ergomat bubble and many more. Floor mats are available as low-profile runners. Low-profile floor mat runners work well under chairs or areas that can span entire lines or equipment. ESD cushioning floor mats that provide anti-fatigue properties allow workers to stand comfortably for long periods while reducing the fatigue associated with standing work.

An ESD safe floor can also be achieved by applying an ESD floor wax or ESD floor paint. Don't forget to mark your static sensitive work areas with esd floor marking tape and floor signs. Browse our complete selection of ESD floor mats, ESD Floor Runners, ESD wax and anti-static paints.

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