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Correct Products carries a large selection of corrugated boxes, sheets, pads and containers for shipping, mailing, packing and moving. Choose from a variety of styles, such as heavy-duty double and triple-wall boxes, multi-depth boxes and bulk cargo containers. ...

At Correct Products, we provide over 1,500 stock size corrugated boxes, ranging from 200#/ECT-32 standard corrugated cartons all the way to 275#/ECT-44 heavy duty corrugated. Available in single wall, double wall and triple wall, as well a variety of styles such as printer’s boxes, telescoping boxes, file storage boxes and more! Corrugated sheets are available and are ideal for layering pads on pallets.

Multi-depth corrugated boxes are a convenient option which allows you to size down and pack your materials tightly to prevent content movement. With the cost of shipping increasing for oversized boxes, the option to cut down to size also helps save on shipping costs.

If it is specialty containers you are looking for such as insulated shipping boxes and hazardous material boxes, we have you covered.

The insulated boxes come in a variety of sizes, and each maintain the insulation and integrity of your products that present temperature constraints. Each kit includes a pre-assembled 200# white corrugated carton with a seamless molded EPS foam container and tight-fitting lid. These shippers are light-weight and can be reused. The cartons are printed with Rush, Perishable and This Side Up arrows shipping instructions. The wall thickness is 1" and are available in case quantities, priced by the individual kit.

We also supply hazardous material boxes that allow you to be in compliance with the appropriate mandatory warning information. These boxes hold 1 gallon paint cans and may be used as refills for foam shipper kits. The boxes have “This side up” arrows printed on 2 sides of the carton. These cartons ship and store flat to save space and are constructed from strong 275#/ECT-44 single wall kraft corrugated. In accordance with CFR 49 178.601B, shipper is responsible for choosing the correct packaging for product and for final closure. We also have hazardous material boxes that will fit 1 gallon plastic jugs and F-style cans.

Please take the time to browse our entire site, you can also find ESD shipping boxes, poly bags, packing slip envelopes - an entire selection for all your shipping, storage, and handling requirements.

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